As I complete my final term on the Kalamazoo City Commission this November 9, I want to first thank the voters, for having elected me in 2011 and 2013 to serve two full terms. It has been an absolute honor, and a privilege, to serve my home town on the Commission.  When I was originally appointed by the 48th City Commission in 2010 to serve out the unexpired term of the late and esteemed Terry Kuseske, I did not anticipate being able to serve beyond that term, my having come from a professional, non political background. But through the support and guidance of my dear friends, old and new, I was able to successfully transition to this new role and responsibility, and I am eternally grateful for your support, and I thank those of you who helped me learn how to run a campaign and reach out to the voters!

I leave with the consciousness of duty faithfully served, to the best of my ability, keeping my independence, consistent with the spirit and intent of the city charter.  I worked as hard as I could.  I love this community, and I know it will thrive and prosper in the years to come, despite the significant challenges faced.  We have a wonderful city administration, and they will lead us in the right direction, albeit with sometimes difficult choices to be faced.  But life is like that, and we have always been up to the challenge.  I will remain engaged and committed to my home town, so please reach out to me any time you have questions or concerns.  My email address is cinabrolaw@aol.com.  Drop me a line!  God bless.  -Bob

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